About Library BALWANT COLLEGE,Vita

 How are books arranged in the Library?

The Library follows Dewey Decimal Classification system for stacking the books in the book shelves and admirals. This is a popular system adopted in most of the libraries in India and elsewhere, where books are classified under various subject heads and stacked together. Each book is given a unique number consisting of the first three letters of the author’s last name, classification number and accession numbers. These details are printed on label which is pasted on the spine of each book. Now all the books are arranged sequentially based on these unique numbers. If for any reason you take out a book from the shelf, please remember it to place back in the exact place. Should you have any confusion about where it was, do not place it randomly; instead leave the book on the sorting tables. This will help to maintain the sequence of the books which in turn helps in easily locating the book in the shelf. Open Access system allows the students to directly approach the book shelves and choose the book they desire.

 How to Know which books are available in the library?

Whether you are looking to know the entire collection of the library or searching for a specific book, the best way to begin with is to search the Online Public Access Cataloguing (OPAC) facility. Simply put, it is searching the entire collection of library through OPAC. You can not only search a book by keying in the title of the book but also by entering the author’s name. In such a scenario, all the books of that author available in the library are displayed. You can just search the entire collection of books under a particular subject head by simply choosing ‘subject’ from the menu. Searching a book using OPAC is very easy and instinctive. Yet, if you have any problem you can always ask for help at the library counters. We will be glad to assist you.

 How to get your books issued?

The Library has three issue counters, library are open for access for the UG and PG students, according to the time table.

 E-books and E-journals :

The Library has an institutional membership of NLIST.The annual membership subscription of 5,900 /per year.Through the NLIST service of INFLIBNET the college has access to over6,293 e-journals of international eminence and over1,99,500e-books on various subjects. Post graduate students are provided conditional access to these resources. For this, you need to provide your name and the email id to your department head that in turn will submit the list to the Librarian, and obtain the username and passwords for you. Contact your department head immediately. There is no charge for this and is offered free.


The Library has an institutional membership of (DELNET) Database. In this database Books available for loan3,50,00,000,List of Journals1,00,000, Full text E-journals5,000, Thesis/Dissertations, 1,00,000 is available.

 Audio Video CDs :

The college library has a good collection of Audio and Videos on various topics of interest. By depositing appropriate caution deposit you can get one CD issued on your name at a time. Contact the librarian to more about this.

 Computerization of Library

Library uses LIBRERIA automation software . LIBRERIA software is a premier state of art Library Management System, designed and developed by Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd. (MKCL). Libreria version is 2.0.3715.28728. Library is fully computerized with the support of various modules i.e. Accessioning, Circulation, Membership, OPAC, Circulation reports. All books are Barcoded through software for circulation purpose.

 Internet facility

Internet and Wi-Fi facility also provided to the readers in the library.

 CCTV surveillance

CCTV camera has set in the library entrance, circulation counter, reference section.

 Xerox Machine

Xerox machine has available in the library for providing reprography service.


Book scanner has available for scanning the book for the purpose of digitization of book.

  NVDS software has available for visually impired students.